Vaillant Boiler Error Codes

We have many boiler error codes on the vaillant range.
Here are some of the faults that occur on the Ecotec Range of Boilers.
If you have a fault on you’re boiler you can check the data here, before calling a Registered Gas Engineer to fix the problem. This will give the engineer some information in regards to the fault that has occurred.

F.0 – Flow NTC Open Circuit
F.1 – Return NTC Open Circuit
F.2 – Shift Load Storage Tank Charging (NTC) open circuit only in combination with F.91
F.3 – Shift Load Storage Tank temperature (NTC) open circuit only in combination with F.91
F.10 – Flow NTC Short Circuit
F.11 – Return NTC Short Circuit
F.12 – Short Circuit in Storage Tank Charging Sensor (NTC) only in combination with F.91
F.13 – Tank NTC Short Circuit
F.20 – Safety Temperature Limiter by NTC Activated
F.22 – Dry Fire
F.23 – Water Shortage, Temperature Difference Between Flow & Return NTC too Large
F.24 – Water Shortage, Temperature Rises too Quick
F.25 – Interruption in the Compact Thermal Module Cable Harness
F.27 – Incorrect Sensing of Flame
F.28 – Appliance Does Not Start: Attempts to ignite During Start Failed.
F.29 – Flame Goes Off During And Subsequent Ignition Attempts Failed
F.32 – Fan Speed Variation
F.49 – eBus Under-voltage
F.61 – Gas Valve Control Defective
F.62 – Gas Valve ShutOff Delay
F.63 – EEPROM Error
F.64 – Electronics/NTC Fault
F.65 – Electronics Temperature Too High
F.67 – Flame detector Inut Signal Is Outside the Limits (0 or 5V)
F.70 – No Valid DSNin Display And/Or Mainboard
F.71 – Flow NTC REports Constant Value (Stuck Valve)
F.72 – Flow And/Or Return NTC Fault
F.73 – Water Pressure Sensor Signal Out Of Range (Too Low)
F.74 – Water Pressure Sensor Signal Out Of Range (too High)
F.74 – No Pressure Rise Was Detected on Turning On The Pump
F.76 – Overheating Protection On Primary Heat Exchanger Triggered
F.77 – Condensate Pump Or Feedback Of Accessorie Blocks Heating
F.78 – Wrong Configuration With Accessory
F.90 – Communication with Shift Load Storage Tank Module Interrupted
F.91 – Sensor Error On Shift Load Storage Tank Module (NTC)
Con – No Communication To Mainboard.

It is a criminal offence to work on a gas appliance if you are not qualified, and licensed to do so.
ALWAYS consult the manufacturers user instructions for guidance. The instructions above are for guidance only. If unsure of any procedures, call a boiler specialist, who holds the relevant qualifications, and GAS Safe Registration.